Yorkshire Terriers

The Yorkshire Terrier has a personality and temperament that is high in energy, brave, intelligent, and at times mischievous. This breed thrives on companionship as well, and they will form extremely close bonds with their people. The personalities of each individual Yorkshire Terriers depends a lot on how they are raised. Some are more spirited and plucky like a terrier, while others are delicate divas who require the royal treatment . Yorkies are what we usually refered to as, “Purse Dog,” as you often see them carried around in handbags or under someones arms . These little dogs soak up attention and do not like to be left without companionship – even if your are only traveling around the house. Most Owners will tell you their little Yorkies follow them from room to room all the time. They are excellent companions for the elderly who have the time to focus all of their energy on their dog, but can be just as happy in families of all sizes. We do not recommend these little precious dogs for small children under 10 .

Yorkies do not require a lot of vigorous activity in order to remain healthy and happy. A daily stroll around the neighborhood and some time to play every day will meet their requirements for exercise. Yorkies should always be kept on a leash or in a fenced yard when outdoors. They can be scrappy little dogs who will not hesitate to pick fights with other dogs – no matter how large the dog may be – and they have a tendency to chase things. (We alway like to tell people you are getting a 70 lb dog in a 5 lb body). Always remember these little guys are TERRIERS

The size of a Yorkie is very appealing to people who live in apartments or condos, and these dogs will do just fine in any sized home. All they require to thrive in life is food, water, moderate exercise and all the love and attention you can them.

Yorkies are moderately easy to train. They are terriers, and that means they can be stubborn and independent . Begin training early when your puppy is more adaptableto the process, and always conduct sessions with lots of praise and treats. Keep it short , as these little guys bore easily.

House training a Yorkie ranges from easy to difficult, depending on each individual dog. Some Yorkies do not like the rain and will refuse to step outside when it is wet or cold. Some just don't like to be told what to do, and others pick up on it in a matter of weeks. Puppy pads and canine litter boxes can help keep your carpet clean throughout the process. Some owners never get rid of the pads or boxes, because their Yorkies never fully give in to house breaking.

Socialization is important for the healthy development of a Yorkie. They are naturally suspicious of new people and will bark to inform you of intruders, and in some extreme cases, will snap. Over-sheltered and protected Yorkies can be neurotic, It is not recommended to shelter your yorkie from the outside world, they need to exercise some independence in order to be of sound mind.

A healthy Yorkshire Terrier will have a life expectancy of about 12 – 17 years, however poor diets or weight can dramatically decrease this.